If you want a friendly, local tour or workshop than you have come to the right spot.

We are a family owned and operated tour business, we have some amazing Eclectic, Tasty, Artful, Photographic, winery and foodie tours & workshops for you.

The hastings has a large variety of locally produced wines, boutique beers and coffee houses and an amazing collection of food outlets and local produce, our iconic sights are some of the best on the East Coast and our local artists and personalities are something we are proud of and we cant wait to show all of this to you.

We offer a great variety of tour types, some specific to those wanting to take photos of our iconic places, tours to get your taste buds going, tours to some of our amazing, eclectic markets, workshops with local artists, tours to see local artwork in a variety of locations and tours to catch the sunrise in magical places, tours to taste our local wines and so much more.

We will take you on a tour based on your chosen flavor, or help you through a workshop with one of our talented local artists or craftspeople.

We are a modern business with a retro twist, we have a passion for local small business, local produce and local visual artists and we cant wait to show off our amazing local area on tour or in a workshop.

For information contact us on 0403681669 or email info@eclectictastyarttours.com.au


ABN 86309986671